Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Movies

In Room 3 we spent the last few weeks of term 2 finishing off our movies, fortunately a number of us did (the rest of the class will be finishing them during this term). Making the movies was a great opportunity for us to be using our newly developed kid pix art skills and practicing using an effective story telling voice when creating our own Pesky the Possum narratives. Each student worked hard to follow the steps toward creating a published quick time movie of their story involving our character Pesky the Possum. I was very excited by the different and interesting stories involving Pesky.

The process the students in the class followed ...
- was to write a story involving the character Pesky the Possum.
- Then have it turned into a story board matching part of their story to a draft picture they would
create in Kid Pix.
- Next they created their kid pix illustrations one at a time. Each picture had to exported as a
jpeg to a folder. Once they had completed all their illustrations they imported the jpegs into
- Now the students sequenced their pictures and added voice to tell their story.
-When they felt finished they were to reflect on the movie so far by completing a PMI chart. (A
PMI chart involves the students looking at the Pluses, Minuses and Ideas they have to make
the movie even better).
-Following their reflection the students made changes they thought were necessary to make the
movie better.
- Next they shared the movie with the class. (Some students made more changes after sharing
their movie with the class.)
- Finally they had it turned into a quick time movie.

Following this blog entry I will be uploading the finished students quick time movies.

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  1. These are great Esmay. I really liked Mirai's one. Can't wait to see Jack's movie!