Monday, May 25, 2009

OH NO! Possum Trouble!

On Sunday afternoon Pesky and Miss S came into school so Miss S could do some jobs around the class before she went to play hockey. Unfortunately time went by so quickly Miss S was in a rush to her hockey game and forgot to take Pesky with her. So Pesky the Possum had a sleepover at school and this is what we found this morning...

What a mess! Miss S was not impressed by the mess but agreed with the children it was her fault for leaving him at school and it was rather funny.
Pesky the Possum is now asleep up on the top of the big bookshelf in Room 3.

While we were packing up the mess we began to wonder what Pesky must have got up to last night so we wrote about what we thought Pesky the Possum got up to in Room 3. And we created our own Pesky the Possum pictures using Kidpics. Then we used GarageBand to podcast our thoughts. Soon Miss S will have put it all together so we can share our thoughts about what Pesky the Possum got up to last night with you.

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